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Calibration services are a constant concern for many manufacturers today. Lead times are the main reason a client begins their search for a new resource. This issue stems from the fact that more often than not a manufacturer counts on a single resource for all of their calibration requirements. If that supplier does not have the equipment or the scope of accreditation they must outsource the work. That process can happen 3 or 4 times before a gage finally finds its way to a resource that can do the job! The end result, exorbitant cost for calibration and shipping, but worst of all you may be without the required gage for a very long time. That, is a problem.

Many clients that come to us to help them in resolving this issue have maintained a relationship with a local calibration house under the impression because their gages are going right down the block, they are getting the best turnaround possible. For some items this may be true. For other items your gages may not be as close as you think they are. Most small local resources lack a variety of setting plugs, for example, resulting in the need to send your rings back to the manufacturer for calibration. The point being that simply because your lab is local, your gages may not always be located at your local lab.

Walden gage has relationships with every major manufacturer of precision measuring equipment which GAURENTEES we can facilitate your calibration needs regardless of how unique they may be. We also maintain relationships with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited Full Service Metrology Laboratories located up and down the east coast, and at various points in between. Their capabilities and scopes of accreditation vary in size and focus. Having a variety of resources available to us provides Walden Gage with the ability to connect our clients with resources tailored to meet each quality department’s unique requirements.

Utilizing a combination of resources to allow experts in each area of the calibration industry to cater to specific parts of your quality system makes sense for most of the clients we speak to about our calibration services. The biggest issue our clients express consistently is managing the logistics involved in calibrating thousands of tools in this fashion. Thankfully Walden Gage has decades of experience in exactly this kind of service and support.

Contact us today and ask about our Calibration Consulting Programs and how we can help you reduce cost, turnaround and effort invested in tracking your gages upcoming calibration dates.

2015 Walden Gage Calibration Price Guide

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