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By utilizing Walden Gage as your gauging provider, you gain access to a laundry list of manufacturers, distributors, and calibration houses qualified through 20 years of experience and networking in the manufacturing industry. Contact us today to learn about how Walden Gage can open doors to resources you never knew existed!

about-1 Walden Gage is the last supplier you will ever need for any and all of your Quality Departments needs. With Walden Gage you gain access to the countries top manufacturers and distributors of precision measuring equipment with one simple phone call. As a client you will benefit from some of the following:
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We specialize in the following product:
  • 01. Custom & Standard Fixed Limit Gaging
  • 02. Variable Gauging
  • 03. Air Gauging
  • 04. Calibration Service
  • 05. Custom Gauging


If you need it, we can find it! Although our core product line is and has always been Standard and Custom fixed limit gauging, we do offer access to all forms of precision measurement equipment. Whether you are in need of a caliper or a CMM placing a single phone call to Walden Gage will provide you with all of the options and information you could ever ask for to make an educated purchase.

Why choose us

Choosing a resource to provide the standards to which your product is manufactured can be a strenuous process. Nobody can afford to work with a supplier that fails to live up to expectations especially when the quality and on time delivery of your product is at stake. Many of our clients have found themselves in situations whereas they are unhappy with their current resource but due to comfort and lack of options they go back again and again in constant tolerance of substandard product and or services. After 20 years in the gaging industry we have heard stories like this one over and over again. The fact that you are reading this introduction likely means in some way shape or form you too have shared in similar experiences. Our mission here at Walden Gage is to eliminate the guesswork and anxiety in choosing a new vendor.

Customer service is first and foremost to every member of the team here at Walden Gage. By allowing us to track your orders, manage your quoting process, aid in scheduling and maintaining your calibration schedule and the other responsibilities that come with your position we can free up the most valuable asset your company has available to it. Your time. Many clients of Walden Gage experience a noticeable improvement in work flow, efficiency and productivity as a result of taking advantage of the various services we offer. By removing the stress of having to search out new resources or track down prices and shipment dates you can focus on improving your work environment. After many years in this industry we are aware of no other Gaging Resource that offers the consultation services and individualized attention we offer here at Walden Gage.

Contact us today to learn more about how Walden Gage can become an asset to your company. We look forward to an opportunity to work with you to earn your confidence, and your business!

Our mission here is to get to know each and every one of our clients as intimately as possible in an effort to match them with the best resource to meet their needs. Each Client we form a relationship with is as unique as a fingerprint and each supplier we utilize is equally as unique. We pride ourselves in connecting our clients with their “Goldilocks” supplier. A supplier that is not over qualified, and certainly not under qualified to handle the task at hand. Once we have found the best fit for your organization the opportunity to truly demonstrate our value will come into play.

20 years of experience has provided us with countless relationships on both sides of the quality industry. We work with many of the name brands you see day to day around your facility and we have long standing relationships with many providers you likely have never heard of. Almost all of these relationships have started the same way, and in our opinion, the best way. Through word of mouth recommendation. At Walden Gage we make it a point familiarize ourselves with as many resources as possible because we have come to realize the relationship between a customer and a supplier in many ways mirrors a marriage. With a proper foundation built on a clear understanding of each parties need and wants a partnership between supplier and client can be one that lasts for life.