About us

By utilizing Walden Gage as your gauging provider, you gain access to a laundry list of manufacturers, distributors, and calibration houses qualified through 20 years of experience and networking in the manufacturing industry. Contact us today to learn about how Walden Gage can open doors to resources you never knew existed!


Walden Gage is the last supplier you will ever need for any and all of your Quality Departments needs. With Walden Gage you gain access to the countries top manufacturers and distributors of precision measuring equipment with one simple phone call. As a client you will benefit from some of the following:

  • 1

    Top Shelf Service … Our highly trained staff cares as much about your business as you do & will do all of the leg work needed to find you the solution that is applicable for your need at the price your budget requires!

  • 2

    Quality You Can Trust… We know how high you set the standards for your product. We expect nothing less from our vendors. We require all our vendors meet ASTM requirements and provide NIST traceability and certification upon request.

  • 3

    Expedite Service… Lets face facts. Sometimes you don’t need a gage until you need a gage, and at that point, you NEED the gage! Walden Gage can get you what you need in days when other suppliers can only do it in weeks!

We specialize in the following product:
  • 01. Custom & Standard Fixed Limit Gaging
  • 02. Variable Gauging
  • 03. Air Gauging
  • 04. Calibration Service
  • 05. Custom Gauging